Spotlight Battery Cam has died

Just wanted to add to this thread and add one more dead Ring Spotlight Camera. It is about just over 12 months old and has been mounted in an underdeck location that is relatively sheltered from wet weather, and the only thing I can think is the freezing temps are prematurely killing these perhaps. Give the feedback from some of these posts on the board, doesnt look like Ring is standing behind their product in any meaningful way, as many have been told to buy a new one. Anyone have a different outcome?

Has anyone done a teardown of the device to try and determine any noticeable failure point? Repeating from other postings, this is dissapointing from an otherwise seemingly self-described quality company and product line. All of these failures cannot be coincidental.

One of my Ring Spotlight cameras is completely dead, I’ve tried everything, what do I need to do now to get a replacement?
Thanks Andy

Mine was 18 months old when it failed .Ring replaced it under the extended warranty plan which is part of my yearly subscription . Have you the extended warranty cover or is yours less than a year old?. Definetly give Ring support a call. They were pretty helpful .

Yeah they are under 12months, I’ll ring, what info do I need to provide ? Serial numbers, receipts, etc ?

Mine died too! At what point does Ring acknowledge that it’s a product issue and replace all faulty cameras?!

i had one die, went to replace battery in my other one and it died. Can;t find a way to revive them. Not happy with ring, may need to condiser alternatives.

Min ring spotlight cam Just died after 13 months. Ugh. The battery won’t charge

two of my Ring Spotlight Battery cameras died on the same day - both only a few months old. Obviously a serious fault. Very disappointed to hear so many others have suffered the same issues with no proper response from Ring. Factory reset is NOT an option.

#metoo. Yes I’ve tried all the steps and no response. No more ring products for me. It was great the year and half it lasted

Yep, add my Ring Spotlight to the list as well. Seeing what I see here, I’m not even bothering buying a new battery. Took 12 hours to fully charge my battery, put it into camera and nothing powers up, (except for the solid red indicater light). Ive done resets and everything else suggested by Ring. Would be nice if they had a fix for this. My camera is only 13 months old and has always been mounted in a dry, mild temp enviroment.

I have 2 dead cameras with exact same problem. I had bought 3 and all 3 were working great until I had the smart idea of buying a spare battery so that I don’t have to stay powerless while I am charging/replacing dead battery.

I used the spare battery in one of the cameras. It wont power. Mind you, it was working perfectly prior to replacing the (spare) battery. I did not make anything of it, until I did the same thing with the 2nd camera. I ended up with 2 dead cameras now.

I have been using the same battery for the 3rd camera, and its still working great.

This is not luck, its most likely the defective battery that I bought from Ring that killed my 2 cameras. I have no way of proving it, but I strongly belive Ring should pay attention to this consistent problem and asssit in any way it can.

Needless to say, I have tried everything that the Ring customer service representative suggested in the post earlier.

I still think Ring is a great product and I love everything else it does. I just can’t afford to lose expensive cameras like this.

Hi @Westwinds. If your Cameras have become unresponsive, our support team is here to help. I would suggest giving them a call to see what measures need to be taken to get your security up and running as you’d expect it to. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. Let me know how they were able to help.

Exact same thing happened to me!!! So frustrating

The EXACT same issue happened with our ring camera spot light. Had it over a little over a year and it just stopped working. Tried two different fully charged batteries, pushed the reset button, and nothing.

Called customer service today and they were absolutely no help and because we are 2 months out of warrenty, their only solution was to buy a new camera. Which we choose NOT to do and instead choose to purchase a new camera system from another company.

Very dissappointed in Ring and their products as this seems to be a reoccuring issues with multiple customer and they do not seem to care.

Yep same problem here. I have 7 total ring devices and only 3 of them are battery powered. I already had the cameras replaced before. The problem it seems to never occurs if I change out the battery before they completely die. On the last occasion this happened, we were out of the country and couldn’t replace the batteries in a timely manner (I keep spare ring batteries charged up all the time so can swap them out as when they become low). So Ring replaced them since they were under warranty. I recently haven’t traveled to where these cameras were due to the pandemic and guess what? The batteries had run out for a few days before I could swap them out. Put in newly charged batteries and they will not resync to network. App still shows low batteries even though I just installed newly charged batteries. Well I am out of my warranty now and best solution they have is to buy new ones. What a joke of a company. Looking at this thread, it is obviously a product issue they refuse to acknowledge and/or fix. Guess I will be shopping for a better quality security camera product that knows how to resync to a network after losing power.