Spotlight - 30 second clips / rest period

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I’ve found that with my battery powered spotlight, when it triggers motion I only get a few seconds of the person at my door by the time they walk up our stairs. I’d like to either set the clips to record for longer (which I understand isn’t possible for this model) or for the next motion after an even to be triggered sooner (it appears to sleep for about 2 minutes before the next motion is recorded).

Is there any way around this? It severly limits the cameras usefulness in my application.

Hi @rounder09! While you are unable to change how long the device records for, you can stop the snoozing of the recordings that you are running into by adjusting your motion frequency. When you go into your device’s profile, click on Motion Settings and then Motion Frequency and change that to frequent. This will prevent it from snoozing itself after 2 minutes and this adjustment should help you for future events!

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This is great - thanks for letting me know!

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