spotcam not working after new wi fi

hi I have a ringspot cam that I bought last year from qvc UK, I have renewed my WiFi network with the same provider talk talk but have gone for faster fibre instead of normal broadband that I used to have also received a new router and have set up other items all day including blink camera and Swann camera just cannot get this one to set up I get as for as putting the password in and then says what colour is the light flashing still blue have taken the camera down and bought inside it has two batteries in and connected to a solar panel it’s showing full charge comes on the mobile phone I put a password in then says what colour is it flashing stops on blue

Hey @soksy. It sounds like you may need to adjust your ports and protocols to allow the Ring device to connect. While you could connect the other cameras, the Ring devices need specific ports and protocols adjusted in order to allow the devices to connect. I also recommend setting up the camera as close to the internet connection/router as possible to ensure the connection is stable enough for the firmware update that happens when the device is first installed. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile: