Spot Light Chime

How to stop chime on spot light cam. I have no linked device, notifications off, silenced sounds but outside cam still chimes :frowning:
Chime not ringing on iOS just on actual hardwire device when detects motion. I still want motion just no chime outside.

Hi there, @BWCA745! Do you have a video example of this? A Spotlight Camera will normally not make sound due to a motion, other than due to a motion warning feature. Check out our help center article about motion warning to see if this might be the cause, in which there will be instructions on how to control. The only other sound that should emit from your Spotlight Camera is speaker audio or siren audio, in which both would need to be triggered form your Ring app or a setup integration. I recommend checking for these factors as well. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: