Spot light camera with solar not getting charged

Spot light camera with solar panel is not getting charged. Its used to work perfectly fine earlier but its not working any more. On the app solar power status ‘Connected’ but battery never gets charged. Its hard to climb up and change the battery every time is a pain. I have 2 spot light camera’s initially and problem was with one so i thought its something to do with panel but i have the same problem with other spot light as well. I am not sure if any one had faced this issue. Appreciate your help.
I had purchased the ring product last november.

Hi @jamudala. First, you’ll want to clean off your Solar Panel to ensure that dirt or debris is not prohibiting it from normal operation. Next, you’ll want to ensure that your cable is fully seated and you are getting at least 4 hours of sunlight per day. Let me know if this improves your status.

Hello Tom, I had contacted support and had performed all the steps they asked me to do but no luck. Sorry to say but literally fed up to always climb up to get batteries down and get them charge for a day and put it back… Well I just want to ask is it possible to convert my spot light cam which has solar as source to connect to power supply. If that is possible can you tell what all are required to do so.

Hi @jamudala. Sorry to hear that. This Indoor/Outdoor cable right here will allow the Spotlight Cam Plus/Pro to be operated by power cable. I hope this helps.