spot light cam with solar light not shutting off

During very heavy rain storms the cam activates and the light comes on and stays on during the whole rain event which could last an hr. I can not get it to turn off and the message you get is …oh next motion it will take effect. We need to be able to take control and turn the light off during heavy rains events like this. I do not need the light on during heavy rain events. I can see that is on from my door bell cam as well as the spot light cam. Since this is on solar which is working fine I do not want that light on during these events. Please figure out how we can take control of the cam at any time not wait till next motion event.


Hi @w7dav! The message you received is an indicator that your desired configuration change will need an event triggered to take effect. Any time you change a setting in the Ring app, for your Ring device, the network must communicate this change the next time your Camera is triggered. While setting changes might require an event, real time toggles do not. This means you can use the lights on/off toggle in the Ring app to shut of the lights.

Of course, it sounds like the rain is consistently causing motion to trigger lights, so turning the lights off will likely only last until the next detection. In this scenario, the only solution is to minimize or alter light/ motion settings.

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Hi @w7dav! Environmental factors can sometimes be difficult to avoid, but minimizing all motion settings will be the best bet. As reconfiguring motion will require a motion event to save, do this prior to the storm hitting will help. Angling the Camera might also help the light detection avoid a heavy rain area, especially if there is an overhang above it. Feel free to check around the Community to see if other neighbors shared a possible solution to this. :slight_smile: