Spot Light Cam Lights Coming On Outside of Motion Schedule

I’d like to use the battery spot light cam in my bar which is dimmly lit when open. I set a motion schedule for when we’re open so it doesn’t alert (thinking this would also keep the light off), however the light frequently comes on without a motion alert while we’re open. I tried disabling the light entirely in the settings but it still comes on. Is there a way to make it so the light only comes on when motion alerts are on? And if not, how do I entirely disable the lights? If what I want to do isn’t possible with this camera, is there another battery powered camera I can use without lights? I don’t want to have to wire electricity. Thank you.

The light’s motion detector is completely independent of the camera. I don’t think its possible to achieve what you want - though you may want to contact support.

The batteried powered stick up cam may be a better choice.

Definitely, I don’t want the motion lights always coming on when I am out for a late night swim in the pool.