Spot Light Cam Light keeps coming on at night

The light on my Spot Light Cam Plus keeps activating at night without motion being detected. It appears that cars travelling along the road are triggering the security light even though the settings for motion are well away from the road. The road itself is outside the trigger zone set in both camera mode and Birds Eye zone. Is there a way to reduce sensitivity of light switch as clearly this is not linked to the motion detection zones?

Thanks in advance for any support.

Hi @Cuzthesaint. I was able to find this Community post where other neighbors shared a similar concern as yours. There is a marked solution for what to try and what to do if the concern persists.

I have the same issue!
No motion is triggered, yet the light comes on and off every 30 sec or so!

Many have reported it now, just report that as a bug to the developer team and fix it please!

I have the same issue. Both my floodlight cams, which have been in place for around 6 years, have recently started behaving erratically. No settings have been changed, but now the motion activated lights have a mind of their own. The light will come on randomly for no reason, and will fail to trigger when I walk outside at night. Previously both units worked flawlessly, and now both do not. I think the chances of both units having gone faulty at exactly the same time is quite slim so I can only assume a buggy firmware update has triggered these issues.

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