Spot Light Cam Battery Requirements

We have a battery operated Spot light camera with a solar panel but only installed one battery? Does it require two? We have a solar panel attached but it doesn’t charge the one battery. We’re getting another unit for another location and want to know if we should use two batteries vice one. And if it requires two, how about updating product information to state that so one can prepare or make better decisions. Thanks on advance for the information.

Hi @TwacyPH. Only one battery is required for the Spotlight Cam Battery, but the hatch has a second slot for an extra battery if you wish to use one. The Solar Panel can provide a trickle charge to the battery when it is properly connected and receiving about 4 hours of direct sunlight each day. This won’t charge the battery as quickly as manually charging it with the provided cable, but it can help reduce the amount of time between charges.

Other factors, such as the weather and the amount of activity your Spotlight Cam records, will also affect how long the battery holds a charge. Very cold weather can negatively impact the performance of lithium-ion batteries, like the ones used in Ring devices. We have some additional troubleshooting steps for unexpected battery drain here as well.

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