Spot light battery no longer works in the old location

Hi, I recently had my spot light cam go off line and could not get it back on line so Ring replaced the camera. Now, when I try to get the camera up and running from its old location it wont. I have to bring the camera in doors to get it to load. When walking the camera out to its old location while it is on live view it looses wifi connection about half way out the door to that old location. My old camera had worked in that location for years but now it wont even though my wifi signal checks strong out there. Any suggestions on what happened?

Hi @russtri. It sounds like there is something causing interference or instability in the wifi signal. Different building materials and other wifi-enabled devices could be the cause of the interference, preventing your Spotlight Cam from maintaining its connection. You can learn more about signal strength here. I’d also suggest rebooting your router, and reviewing all of the devices on your network.

If this concern persists, and you’re unable to locate the source of the interference, it would be best to follow up with our support team to take a closer look. Your concern may need to be escalated, since it involves reviewing network settings in-depth.