Spolight Cam Plus - side yard - too much exposure / glare from side with lights and IR

I just installed the Spotlight Cam Plus for my side yard and it’s close to the side of my house (8 inches away)

The purpose was for security and to light up when I take out the trash etc.


  1. When there is motion, the lights turn on and the glare (over-exposure) from the side of my house makes the background all black. I adjusted the lighting power to the lowest level and it doesn’t help.

  2. The glare from the wall from the IR does the same thing. But I think I can fix this by turning off the camera’s IR light and getting an external IR illuminator. I can put the external iR far away from the camera.

Has anyone able to solve problem 1?

Hi @easyroc75. If possible, can you share a screenshot or video example of the over-exposed video? It would be helpful to get an idea of what you’re seeing on your end so we can set the right expectations for the Spotlight Cam’s behavior.