Split Button on Ring Doorbell

I have the Pro2 - only a couple of years old but already the doorbell button has split.
I reached out to the ‘support team’ and received no advice. (well, none that was usable). I dont care about warranty I just want a doorbell that works.
The button splits meaning the material used is not fit for purpose.
Can you tell me where I can just get a new button as I paid a lot of money for the ring equipment and and extremely annoyed.?
I have seen similar threads throughout and always the same advice - reach out to customer support. They have no clue what to do judging by the lovely person I had on the line.

I just found a solution on Ebay, replacement buttons made from stronger silicone. Sorry Ring. If you cannot supply us with either replacements or decent quality buttons then we have to go elsewhere. I paid almost $1000 for all my ring stuff between cameras and the bell so was very upset.