Spider woes

So I have a spider that is persistent and every night makes a web in front of one of my Ring cameras and it sets off notifications like every 5-10 minutes. I have sensitivity all the way down but this spider is like 2’ from the camera and keeps setting it off, even the threads of web blow across the camera set it off. I got out every night with a stick and wipe away the webs and even hose the area down to deter the spiders but they won’t give up.

Now I also have 2 nest cams and they never get false alerts with spiders and webs in their view so not sure why ring does.
Anything I can do about it?

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I suffer from similar. I know it’s not hard to image recognise a spider, so please ring.com do something about it - I would deploy my own software if I could plug-in some how. In my case, my ring doorbell faces sideways to the door so that both the door and street are in view (since our door is down the side of the building).

Hi neighbors. When something is very close to the Camera’s lens, such as a spider or a spider web, it is likely going to trigger the motion detection because of how close to the Camera it is. It can definitely be difficult to try and keep spiders away from a certain area. I’d suggest looking into a spider repellent, or searching for DIY methods to try and keep spiders away from your Camera.