Special mode to pick up car + person motion and NOT animals?

Hi there,

We have a Floodlight CamWired Pro and it gets always triggered by cats (regardless of the setting in motion sensitivity).
So that’s why I turned on the Smart Notifications option with “Person”.

That helps a lot but now I don’t get any notifications if a car comes into the drive.

What to do?

It doesn’t seem too hard to add another feature to the person mode to pick up also any motion from a person OR bigger object?

Thanks for any help.

Hi @nostreet. Smart Notifications can be a great way to mitigate unwanted alerts. The downside is that it will also filter out larger objects like a car. You can try adding a Motion Schedule to your setup to allow Notifications during a specific time, which might help alert you of a vehicle. Unfortunately, the Camera does not have a person mode and a vehicle mode. Try adding this suggestion to our Feature Request Board!