Speaking to someone at your door

How do you speak to someone at your front door when you are away or at home?

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How do you speak to someone at your front door when you are away or at home?

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You should already have the Ring App downloaded, like on your android or iPhone mobile smart-phone (the App is also available for tablets, PC, MAC, etc). When you are notified that someone is at your doorbell, or if you tap on your video from the App’s Dashboard, you see the activated “Live View” video streaming from your doorbell.

If your phone is held vertically (with the video displayed in the upper portion of your screen, or if you do not have “auto-rotate” enabled on your smart-phone) you’ll see two white icon buttons mid-screen of a “Speaker” (to listen) and a “Microphone” (to talk). Tapping those icons allow you to listen and talk (a slash line through the icon is disabled, and no slash is enabled). Also on the video portion there is a segmented square icon that you can tap (lower-right-corner of video display) that will enlarge and rotate the video screen (or if your phone is set to enable ‘auto-rotate’ simply rotating your phone horizontally will accomplish the same result).

In the horizontal phone view, you’ll see several icon on the lower portion of the video display. The “Speaker” allows you to just listen (visitor can not hear you). But most of us just tap the green “Phone Answer” icon (lower-left-corner) which instantly starts two-way communication (you and visitor can talk & hear). Note when you tap the green “Phone Answer” icon, a new white “Microphone” icon appears on the right side next to the “Speaker” icon to allow you to re-mute your microphone (visitor can’t hear you). When you are done answering/interacting with your visitor, just tap the red “Hang-Up” Icon (lower-left-corner) to end the session. Here is a Ring video link where you can see the icons in the horizontal phone view.


An extra setting you can do on your Ring App, to reduce another manual tap by you to make “Live View” appear faster on your App: Main Menu (3 horizontal lines, upper-left-corner of Dashboard) > Devices > select your camera > Device Settings (gear icon) > Video Settings > toggle ON “Tap Camera Preview for Live View.” Now with this toggled ON, when you tap the video on your Dashboard, the typical step of “Tap to Go Live” has been bypassed and you will immediately go into Live View.

Ring Support online also has plenty of information that can help you with other Ring questions you might have:


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