Speaker volume 2nd gen doorbell

Hi, looking under general device settings I’m only seeing the doorbell chime volume slider, no 2-way speaker slider? Please tell me this is just me being stupid and there’s a way around this because I’ve just spent £100 on something I can’t use as the speaker is so loud my neighbours will go ballistic :tired_face:

Hi @user36827. I was able to find this Community post where other neighbors had the same concern as you. There is a marked solution as well.

We are also wondering if Ring is going to address the 2-way audio on the 2nd generation being way too loud and without users having the ability to adjust it.
Like many other people , we have a condo and have neighbors within a relatively close proximity and the 2-way audio on the 2nd Generation Ring is soo loud it reverberates throughout the complex. We would NEVER have purchased it if we had known that controlling the volume on this feature would be out of our control. The fact that it is is actually absurd.

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