Spare security screw

I call this week to buy a replacement security screw - I can’t be the only person to lose one…
To get a screw I had to buy a ‘spares’ pack, while not expensive it meant I had to purchase (and ship) a heap of plastic nonsense I neither want nor need. This is all going straight to land fill. Not very environmental is it ring? Also I only got 2 screws - with my fumble fingers I will have to order more in the future. Why can’t they sell 20 screws in a pack. Charge the same - the profit will be more - the shipping and packaging will be less , I get what I need and less plastic to landfill. Everybody wins!

Did you check with your local hardware type store to see if they had the same or similar screws in stock? If they didn’t they might have been able to special order it for you.

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