Spare parts for Doorbell Elite

I’m looking to pick up a replacement security screw and driver for my Elite Doorbell. Does anyone know if the Doorbell Elite uses the same size faceplate screw as any other Doorbell models?

There doesn’t seem to be a spare parts pack unique to the Elite Doorbell, which surprises me since the flexible screwdriver is unique to the Elite doorbell since it mounts flush to the wall. I think Ring uses a few different size screws across their lineup, but hoping another model uses same size as the Elite, such that I can pick up spare parts for $2!

Hi @dbeiter. I looked into this, and the security screw for the Ring Elite Doorbell is either a T6 or a T15, depending on how long ago you purchased your Doorbell Elite. The newer screw size is the T15, so if you’ve had your Doorbell Elite for awhile, the screw size is likely the T6. You can get this at your local hardware store, or you can also reach out to our support team for any replacement parts. :slight_smile: