Sound on one of 3 ring cams not working

When I check on my elderly mother & the hired help via the ring (indoor Plug in) camera in her living room, I don’t have sound. The speaker icon is “on” and I have sound on my other 2 camera’s, just not on this one. I did turn off bluetooth on my phone, but that didn’t help.
When I’m in the room I found out the sound is playing out from the camera instead of my phone app. So, in other words I am not able to communicate on this particular cam (the others are fine, so it’s not the wi-fii).
Am I missing some sort of setting? Something on my phone setting for this device disabled? I do have a piece of electrical tape over the LED light (too many LED lights at night!) but I can’t believe this would affect anything?
Thanks for any tips!

Hi . I would first check to see if you have audio streaming and recording enabled in the Ring app. You can find this by selecting the device on tapping on the Device Settings menu, then Privacy menu and make sure that Audio Streaming and Recording is enabled. Let me know if this helps!