Sound of Voice when responding very bad and distorted


when answering a ring fom my Doorbell Pro through the Ring app on iOS, the sound of the voice is totally distorted and barely understandable.

Here in this video I recorded how the voice sound on the Doorbell Pro: Video - Ring Video Doorbell Pro - Sound Test with iOS App on iPhone XS

On the other end we had an iPhone XS with the spring 2020 latest version of iOS 13.4 and the latest version of the Ring App for iOS.

The sound quality is disastrous, in my view, as it is totally distorted. In reality the sound is much worse than you hear it on the youtube video I posted.

In this video, we did a test on the same Doorbell, but with an Amazon Echo Show 5 on the other end:

Ring Doorbell Pro - sound test on a Echo Show 5

Here, the sound is much improved.

I still consider it of very low quality, although it can be better understood.

Im both videos the language we spoke is German, but you still here how bad the quality is by just listening to me speaking in front of the Doorbell and comparing the sound that comes out of the Doorbell speaker.

For me, this bad quality is really disapointing.

Has anyone any suggestions on how to fix this, especially the disastrous quality from the iOS App?

Kind regards,

Hey @thebigblue2000. I appreciate you taking the time to detail our your experience here, as well as test out different areas you can test out the Live View audio quality for the device. I recommend checking out our Ring Help Center Article here, as it does detail on how to fix poor audio quality. In addition to the changes you can make as outlined in the article, I would like to see if another test proves the point in the article (that improving the connection can help improve the quality).

When you did the tests on your phone, were you connected to the wifi at your home? If you could, please try a test for the audio when connected to just mobile data on your phone in the Ring app. While improving the connection on your device can help poor audio quality, adjusting the connection your phone may prove to help as well, and most people have a better connection via mobile data than they will on wifi. Let me know what results you get from the test, or what happens when you make any changes to improve the connection on the device itself! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately it leads into the wrong direction, and does not solve the problem.

The sound quality issue has nothing to do with a good or bad connection to the network/internet on my iOS device. It has a lot to do with the sound volume level apparently not correctly set in the Ring iOS App, which distorts the sound.

I mean the effect which is described here:

One can hear very well the on the video I provided the effect of the “strongest portions of the signal are cut off”. This is an issue within the iOS App, or how the App sends the audio signal to the Doorbell.

Please reach out to the Ring iOS App developers. The microphone volume needs to be adjusted in a better way, so that such distortion does not occur.

Thanks and best regards,

I wrote multiple times now to

and (the support email for German language customers)

within the last three weeks.

No answer yet.

I consider this really poor customer service, I am very sorry to say that.

Hi @thebigblue2000 chiming in for @Chelsea_Ring ! Thanks for your patience. We will certainly get this information over to the team to review and update you with any findings the team discovers.

Please note, we have stopped email support to However, if you would like I can check on the emails to for you. Can I please take a look at the email address associated with your Community account to follow up on this? Thank you!

Thanks for your answer.

Attached you see a screenshot from the description of the Ring App in the (German) Apple App Store.

There it says, as of June 10, 2020:

“Your feedback helps…” and “…Send us suggestions to”

Are you really telling me that nobody reads email to, although this is the stated communication channel for the Ring iOS App?

Unfortunately this does not increase my level of confidence into the Ring support organisation and into Ring as a provider of products to maintain the highest level of security and safety in your customers’ homes.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have already sent an email to the appropriate team to see how we can fix that. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Have you been able to find a solution to this issue? I am experiencing the same issu.

No, there was no update from Ring, Ring Support or anybody else from this company.

Guess they are not to strong on the customer communication side.

I also did not try out with the latest iOS app update whether the issue is gone or not.

I mean, they belong to Amazon, so why should they care about customers and customer communication?

The email in the app description is still there…this is more then two months after you replied.

Well, obviously customer communication and customer orientation is not a priority at Ring.

I am so sorry that I bought your products.

Has there been any resolution to this issue yet? I am having the exact same issue on my Note 20Ultra with the app. The sound on the doorbell pro is just horrendous. As someone else I read about describes it, it sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher. It is so “scratchy” and muffled, sounds like a blown speaker in a stereo system. Definitely isn’t a connection issue, wifi very strong, RSSI is -55 which apparently is really good. It’s very disappointing to spend this kind of money and have something that works this poorly. Hopefully Ring will fix this issue real quick.

Here’s a sound file of what I was referring to:

I never received any appropriate answer to this topic from Ring.

It does not seem to bother them, or they know that they cannot fix it.

To me, this is a very disappointing behaviour, especially when you compare it to the price point of their products. Every 5 Dollar cheap loudspeaker has a better sound.

@Chelsea_Ring, @Jennifer_Ring: Could you please give this to the engineering team at Ring? This is definately a problem in volume control and has nothing to do with Wifi or anything else.

I am not the only one with this problem, and I consider this as a major problem in the Ring Doorbell.

So I performed a sound test doing a conversation with another person in my house while I was at the front door talking back throught the doorbell and listening through the doorbell speaker. The doorbell speaker sounds like crap, barely being able to understand. When I log onto my ring account on my computer and play that sound test back on my computer it sounds perfectly fine. So it appears the speaker on the doorbell is just of extreme poor quality. Is this possible? Is this doorbell speaker faulty? Does anyone have any suggestions? It certainly isn’t my wifi, my data or my RSSI. All of those are way past sufficient for the doorbell. I need this to work proper, it definitely is no good for talking to anyone at the door through the doorbell.

I am experiencing this same issue on the new Ring Pro I just installed today when responding from an iPhone. If we put the iPhone microphone right next to our mouth and speak it is a little more clear. Still poor quality overall however. The Charlie Brown like audio quality is spot on. I have no confidence in being able to carry on a conversation with someone at the door at least with the iPhone app. I have an Amazon echo coming soon so we will see how that works.

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Just installed one of the PRO models … the audio is over-modulated … this is NOT GOOD.

Should I return this and get the NEST ringer offering?

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I have echo show 5, ring doorbell pro, 2 floodlights one newer 2021 model and i am having this issue as well. Unfortunately they seem to contract people that are not properly trained period. My call was with a rep that didn’t even know how to use the company computer to find a resolution to this problem, sounded like a young teen on the phone i was helping that person more then they helped me. After the money i paid for this stuff i will get someone’s attention. Its a shame to read about your troubles. You’d think worlds richest man would hire professionals to run this circus show i always wondered where the circus people went after they closed doors.