Sound issues, can speak, can't hear

I have a door view cam, app is installed on android (samsung).
Notifications all work fine, had some tech issues a few weeks back that needed a full reboot, no issues since.
Yesterday someone came to the door and I had to explain to them they needed to leave the package on the doorstep as I was self-isolating. I could see their mouth moving but couldn’t hear anything on my phone. I could hear my own voice coming through the doorbell though.
When I looked at the video after, the sound from both of us was recorded fine, it just wasn’t working during the live view.

TLDR: Live video wasn’t glitchy or buffering, just no sound. Recorded video had perfect sound.

I’m having same issues you can’t hear anything coming from outside at all not even in the recorded videos in my history… and not in the live videos as well all you hear is static like nose

Hi neighbors. Since this audio issue is only present during the Live View and not the recorded video, it is most likely do to a network problem. First, try rebooting your internet router to see if that improves the audio. If it doesn’t you may need to change some settings on your router, as described in this Help Center article here. I hope this helps.