Sound issue when trying to hear visitor

Hi. the volume on the doorbell ring 2 speaker is very clear and loud but when people tried to speak from outside The volume on my Samsung S 10 plus is very low and can bearly be heard. I have disabled event history timeline, and turned volume up full and still no luck

Can anyone please help?

Hi @Ral1234. Do you have any bluetooth devices connected to your phone when you are viewing the Live View? Try disabling any bluetooth devices to see if this helps trying to hear the other person on the Live View. In addition, the Live View is treated like a phone call on some phones, so you may need to put it up to your ear if you are in a Live View on your phone to hear the person on the other side. Lastly, you can could try downloading the video after the Live View call and see if the person is still quiet even on video playback, that way you know if it’s a Doorbell microphone concern, or the phone is doing this. Let me know!

Hi thank you will try these suggestions and let you know

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