Sound alarm

I have set the volume on my ring device at the loudest. However we recently had a break in and my neighbors couldn’t hear the alarm from outside. I was wondering if there is anyway to increase/enhance the volume for the alarm?

Sorry to hear about this @Pallavi! There is not a way to adjust the siren volume from the Base Station as it is intended to sound at the loudest volume. We do have Dome Sirens available at, which would certainly increase the reach of the Siren sound. Please keep in mind that all Alarm devices and accessories are designed for indoor use only. I hope this helps!

Is it possible to make the alarms on cameras go off when the alarm is triggered? For example, once the alarm goes off that all the floodlight and spotlight cameras start sounding their alarms too, or any camera that has a built in alarm. Could be a simple little toggle switch on the camera setting to set the alarm off when the alarm system goes off.


Great question @Ben! Currently, the Alarm does not control the siren of your Camera devices. This has been a popularly requested feature and I will share your thoughts with the team. You are able to link Cameras to the Alarm for recording and light functionality. Thank you for sharing with the Community! :slight_smile:

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