sorting by dates, no filters ?


Is there a way to sort by month and then date? I am sitting here and having to go thru over 45 days of videos one page at a time to get to older videos which is quite annoying, and cumbersome. I think t hey had this on the website at one point but its not anywhere here. Something so basic is not here. Or am I mising something?


Good question @pewterss! This is possible using the Timeline feature from the dashboard of your Ring app, and is quick to access. Simply select your Ring device’s preview tile on the dashboard in the Ring app, and tap the “Today” button directly under the video viewing area to select your desired date.

If you are instead using the Event History list in the Ring app, there is not a date selection feature but you can sort by event type (motion, live view, etc). I recommend also starring any important events when possible, as this is also a sort by option and will make for easy reviewing there. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: