"Someone is at your door" When it's a racoon, a flopping ribbon, or nothing

I’ve had a Ring doorbell since it was first released years ago and just updated to the newest model. I also have a Ring security light. Over the years, despite adjusting the settings, the Ring AI seems to think squirrels, raccoons, and cats are “people” or “someone.” Fortunately, the racoons are usually high in the trees when we go to bed. However, last night, after having installed the new “Upgrade” model, we were awakened at least three times with “There is a person at your door,” alerts from Alexa.

I thought the AI in the doorbell was programmed to know what “people” look like. They’re far larger than the critters that roam around day and night. I have the doorbell programmed to only alert when there are people or packages. I checked the videos from last night and found that the Christmas wreath on the front door had a loose ribbon flapping in the wind. No, that’s also not a person.

Can we expect this to be fixed?