Someone defaced my car and my Ringdoor bell missed everything!!

Last night some ■■■■■ graffitied my car and others along the street. We’ve just bought the doorbell 2 and I checked the footage and the ring doorbell captured none of it!! A family member had a break in recently and I bought the doorbell to offer some security, and at the least, if anything does happen we would have video evidence and be able to help the police.

When I look back at the recordings from last night, no motion has been detected and the recording skips so you cant see anything.

Is there anyway to see what happened last night, if not, not sure how useful this doorbell is.

First, it’s a doorbell. So, it’s not made to catch anything in the street. Even if it did, you could never see a face or license plate.
There are limits to every device and a doorbell is made for people walking to the door or standing there. A good security camera is better suited for a longer distance. But it too has a limit. Sorry to hear about your car…

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