Some Direct Powered Devices Falsely Showing Offline


This incident has been resolved.

Posted 6 hours ago. Jun 02, 2020 - 04:14 UTC

Resolved my … Before I read the comments and saw this issue I reset my Doorbell Pro at 3:40 am (CST) and then it showed online. I checked after about 30 minutes and it was “offline” again. As of now at 5:37 am it’s still showing offline.

Well now at 6:30 am it no longer shows offline…but clicking on live view only shows Activating Device, but never opens and eventually just shows Live View ended/ RECONNECT. Snapshot Capture is still taking pictures though.

Hey @JCS. We did have this concern with our powered devices, but this has since been resolved. Are you still having issues with your device not activating the Live View?