Some basic questions about Ring security cam services

These are all great questions, @RonaldClinton! I’ll be happy to answer them in order.

  1. Ring Video Doorbells and Cameras do indeed connect to your home wifi network. This is accomplished during a secure setup process in the Ring app. While most of our devices will connect to wifi, or your wireless home network, there are some that can also use a PoE connection, if preferred. Our Community post about RSSI has tips for obtaining optimal signal.

  2. Our Protect Plan subscription will help you save recordings. While the subscription is optional, without a Protect Plan videos are not saved for later review but events that trigger the Camera can still be viewed live (real time) in the Ring app. When subscribed, your videos will be recorded and saved to your Ring account. Recordings are only initiated when there is a motion, ring, or live view event, as well as linked device triggered events and snapshot captures.

  3. As videos are not stored physically on your Ring device, but rather on your Ring account with subscription, these videos are safely stored in the cloud and can be accessed via your Ring account, even if the Camera is not in operation (no new videos would take place, of course). If you are concerned about vandalism or theft, check out our theft policy.

  4. Each Ring device will have a slightly different installation process. Not to worry, each Ring device will also come with a manual and install guide. We also have videos in our help center, showing the installation steps for each model. You’ll be happy to hear that our Ring devices are designed to be easily installed and setup within a matter of minutes. Any model you choose will have a bracket or mount, and will include the hardware (screws, bolts, etc.) needed for installation.

The Community is always happy to offer suggestions. When shopping at, once you find what model of devices you would like, feel free to inquire further for specifics on your model. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: