Solved: Ring doorbell pro - working but showing offline on app

I am facing the similar issue with ring doorbell pro2. After working with Ring Tech support and spending couple of hours, I was given a 35% off coupon and was advised to get a new ring door bell. I am scared to go for new ring door bell, after reading this article, looks like ring doesn’t have a solution for this issue. Not sure how can ring ensure this issue doesn’t occur again on new device?

we have same issue with our cameras and after trying everything and calling them they suggest to buy new device. very disappointed. this is their plan to sell more products. they update the software and old devices dont work any more. probably they learned from apply how they slowed down old phones and made people to upgrade their phone.

Having these same problems. Tried everything recommended. Electricity seems fine. Doorbell rings. Motion sensor active. No video or microphone. Tried to reconnect numerous times. So - now what. Do I give up this product - replace it - does Ring replace it. Does this product just have a limited life span. I lived my Ring doorbell. I miss it very much. Nothing has worked and I’m throwing in the towel.

Having used nest so many years, because of BF deals, I got a ring floodlight camera (wired pro). First, floodlight stopped coming on with motion. Solution is to reset/set up camera. It works for a few days stops again. Now, from the app the camera is showing offline. From the router, it looks like it is connected. If I login through web and look at the dashboard snapshot it’s also current, so I think it’s still connected to the wifi, but reporting it incorrectly. Again I reset/set up camera again and it works for a few days. Unless someone responds to me here that will magically address these issues, floodlight doesn’t seem to be production ready in my opinion and very buggy. Any ideas before I send it back? Why is this marked solved if people are still complaining and the supposed fix is resetting.