Solved: Ring doorbell pro - working but showing offline on app

Even stranger… if I navigate to the camera using the hamburger menu to go to devices and then select the camera rather than navigating to the camera by the dashboard, it comes back online, at least temporarily.

Marley Ring,
Please read through the thread carefully. All of the info is there. This is not a poor WiFi signal issue. I’ve done every troubleshooting step under the sun. It’s something else.


Please read the thread. We have all done the 1st level support suggestions and it just isn’t the problem. This needs to be escalated. There are too many of us suffering the same problem.

A lot of us are tech savvy, this isn’t a user issue, please move this up a level.


This is not the issue when so many of us are having it and it started around the same time


Didn’t you bother to read this thread before answering?

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Small update. As of 8am my doorbell 2 pro has begun working properly.

My floodlight pro is still showing offline however.

I have a Ring Pro that is doing this too. I have a flood light cam near by that is not doing this. I have 60 other devices that have no issues.

My Ring Pro worked great for a long time. But now it’s not available for live view. It does record periodic snapshot, motion events, and button presses.

My Unifi Wi-Fi app says the device has great signal. Device health in the ring app says Wi-Fi and power are good.

Ring, this is clearly a software bug affecting many people

Same issue as all described before me. Doorbell showing offline but will ring and record, just can’t view live. This started approx Sept 7, but two addl cameras were working fine. No change to any wifi and no power or router issues. One of the addl cameras started also showing offline same day, but I was able to reconnect it. Doorbell is the main problem. What is being done at Ring to solve this?

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Same problem here. 2 days now. Alerts fine on motion, then goes back to offline. Wifi is at -48 rssi and power and internet are fine.

Never had this problem until today. Doorbell and 1 inside camera are showing offline, but I am still receiving alerts for people at my door. 1 inside camera is still working just fine. Wifi is on and working.

Have a Ring Pro that has been working with no issues for 2+ years now and having the same issues described as others for the last couple days.

Showing as offline in Ring app and Rapid Ring app, signal strength -48 RSSI, hard wired with good reported voltage. Motion will trigger it to come back online and it alerts properly, but then it goes back offline after a few minutes. Definitely appears to be an app or firmware issue.

Update. After 5 days “offline” today it has been back to normal. This is after Ring decided to send me a new unit (which has not yet arrived). So it definitely was not my network or WiFi or anything they suggested. Not sure why it stopped working or why it started again but it seems to be back up.

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Same. I am hopeful they fixed whatever issue it is…

My Ring Pro is the only of my 7 cameras that’s giving me this problem.

It’s on my network, I can ping it, working perfectly. Did a factory reset, it worked for awhile and then the problem returned.

How did you guys fix it? Is replacement the only option?

Same here started around 9/3. But the issue seem to be getting worst.

When the issue started my ring pro will still triggers motion recording just not live view as it states is offline. If doorbell is ring it will come back online again but will go offline again in 15 to 24hrs.

Now it doesn’t even record on motion, but still take 1 minute snapshot. Once doorbell is ring it will go back to online and can live view like before except as of today 9/11 it will go back to offline within 30s.

Ring tech please look into it. And please don’t give us the usual tech support line … reboot ring, check wifi signal…bs. I believe 99% user on here probably done so before even posting for help.

I had the same issue but it appears to be fixed as of a couple days ago for me. I had to go through the wifi reconnect suggested in this post, but it has been working with no issues since then. Hope this helps!

It seems like the issue is resolved now. See also: Multiple devices not connecting, no live view - #10 by HokieCam

If your Ring device is showing as offline, try initiating a live view in the Ring app. Please ensure there is not a VPN on your mobile device. You can also follow the steps in this Help Center article to reconnect your Ring devices.

If this concern persists, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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I am having the same issue. 2 out of 4 ring cams showing offline but still recording video and triggering alerts. Before I start taking apart my RingPro’s to access the setup button, can someone verify that this actually fixes the issue?!

No it doesn’t work. After a few days it resorted back to the same problem. I’m ready to get rid of it, there’s always a problem with it and it’s only 6 feet away from my router. I can go 200 feet into my backyard and have a rock solid connection on my phone. Ring products appear to be low quality compared to other brands. Everyone seems to be having the same issue, this should be a class action lawsuit.