Solved: Ring doorbell pro - working but showing offline on app

Same here. Also my doorbell still alerts via Alexa when someone rings the bell so clearly it’s connected. I also have a hardwired floodlight having the exact same issue. Seems like a lot of people are reporting the same issue but Ring has nothing to say.

Some troubleshooting I did:

  1. I rebooted router/AP (I use Unifi access points)
  2. I manually disconnected the device from wifi (Unifi has a feature to disconnect a client)
  • I could see it reconnected and even reconnected to a different mesh AP node!
  1. Rebooted the Ring devices

The only thing that works is pressing the setup button and reconnecting it to wifi which is incredibly inconvenient for floodlights that are 20ft off the ground!

I really wish Ring would help instead of just telling me I have a networking issue. Interesting how we’re all experiencing the same problem right around the same time (began 9/2 for me). Nothing noted on the ring status page either.

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Ring Doorbell Pro 2. Appear to be having the same issue as others here. Issue started around 9/4/21. Doorbell says no WiFi, yet is showing health checks every ~10 minutes, motion is recording, 1min snapshots are showing in timeline, push notifications are going to my phone, and the doorbell triggers wireless chime instantly when pressed. My Unifi Access Point shows the doorbell connected with no breaks in connection. RSSI is mid 60’s on 2.4ghz. Must be a firmware issue. Ring please respond.

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I have had the same problem as of last night 6th September.

Doorbell Pro 2, wired, 54 RSSI, health says connection good but showing offline. Will still alert me of movement and someone ringing the doorbell, this will also make it show live for a minute or two before showing offline again.

Strangely, my back garden floodlight pro was working fine last night, yet this morning, the exact same thing is happening.

I have a Netgear Orbi mesh network at home which allows me some diagnostics on that end and every Ring device is showing connected and working fine. Can even ping the devices and they reply so it is not a network problem.

Something is wrong specifically in the live view process.


My doorbell is doing the same and like a user above started on September 2nd. I am very frustrated. Before this I never had one issue.

Ring need to at least acknowledge this issue so we know they are looking at it. It’s obviously software issue


Having the same issue as everyone else. I made a new post about it. Equally frustrating they tell us it’s a connection issue, I’ve had 1 doorbell, 3 wired floodlights running for 3 years and 3 stick up cams for another year and a half. I called support and they told me it was my connection and to get a chime pro… MI am playing whack a mole with my cameras going offline and resetting them all up manually… Wifi reset isn’t fixing it anymore…

Same issue with a Ring Pro. Been that way since 9/3. I’ve spent hours troubleshooting and speaking with Ring reps. They’re sending a new doorbell but I’m not sure that’ll fix the issue. They all act like they’ve never heard of anything like this but it’s on Reddit and other sites going back a full year. Very odd.

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To follow up, I also have been having the same issue with the Ring Floodlight Camera too, though not as badly as the Doorbell Pro 2.

Yep- here’s my post on it: Multiple devices not connecting, no live view
They told me to get a chime pro (and provided a discount for one) but others have chime pros and are still having this issue.

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I just recently connected a repeater to our network and give it a new SSID for one of my cameras to use. This exact behavior started as soon as I added this repeater. I’m using 2.4 ghz for this WAP and it is definitely some type of signal issue with the repeater I am using. Oddly enough my router and repeater are both manufactured by the same company. I would recommend changing signals (which I have not done yet since not physically present) and if that does not work look at the hardware you are using in your network.

All of these problems seemed to come out of nowhere. I haven’t added or changed anything.

I’m having the same issue as of late last night. My doorbell pro is clearly connected because it’s recording motion alerts, sending notifications to Alexa etc when the doorbell is pressed, and has an up to date view when you go to update the motion zones, but shows as offline in the app and won’t go to live view.

Also, I just checked the website and it seems to be online via the website, but not working on the app. Seems like an app issue. :-/

I had the same issue and it just got back maybe 5mn ago. Nothing was changed on my side ofc…

Mine has been doing the same for the past week or so. I have changed out routers so I thought it was on my end. but after reading all of this, it seems it must be a Ring issue. Glad it isn’t something on my network.

I am having the same issue. It just started a few days ago. I have never had an issue before like this. It’s not my router because I am the only one in my area using the channel I am on. I am starting to think it might be the app. I can’t remember when the last update was.

Same problem with my Indoor Cam.

I just went to the ring website and logged in and it is showing me online and my cameras are working. It must be the app which was updated a couple of weeks ago.

Hi there, neighbors! Whenever your device is not remaining connected, or is showing offline, the best first step is to check your wifi signal strength or RSSI. A device that is reporting offline or poor signal strength, and unable to connect to live view, might be too far from the router.

Here are some other important things to consider:

  • Verify if motion events allow live video to connect.
  • Try out the Rapid Ring app to test live view.
  • Ensure your internet speeds are sufficient to provide not only Ring devices, but all of your devices with enough network resources.

Feel free to confirm if other Ring devices are working as intended, or if a specific Ring device is having this concern. In the meantime, I will certainly pass this feedback along to our teams here for further investigation! :slight_smile:

on the Device Health Report, it shows - The Wi-Fi signal strength and power level of your Ring Doorbell Pro are good. It could be offline due to temporary power outage or internet outage.

both the power and internet are fine, and it will still tell me when there’s motion detected or when somebody rings the doorbell. just shows offline and there is no live view.