Solved: Ring doorbell pro - working but showing offline on app


My Ring doorbell pro suddenly shows it’s offline on the Ring app (it’s been working flawlessly for the past 6 months). However, it will still notify me when motion is detected and when the doorbell is rung. Video still records and can be played back. However, because the app is showing it’s offline, I can’t see a live view from the doorbell. I tried reconnecting the and setting up the device again, but the device still shows it’s offline (but still working). Any idea what is going on?


I’ve had the same exact issue with mine. I’ve tried everything the only help I get is the simple. Make sure it has power, WiFi works, yatta yatta. If I ever ask for help it’s for this kinda stuff it’s way beyond that! I hope we can
get help! Very irritating!

I have this same issue! I just ordered a new Doorbell Pro to replace this one (it was a refurb model) to see if it fixes the issue.

It’s so strange… I discovered that while it says it’s offline, it will show the video from the Rapid Ring app when someone comes to the door or there is motion.

What’s also weird, is that if I click on an old Rapid Ring alert, it will open and show video.

HOWEVER, if I just open Rapid Ring, it will say it’s offline and not show video.
I cannot get it to show video in the Ring App whether i get an alert or not.

Trying to set up new ring. Showing connected to WiFi but no live view.

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If you’re just now setting up, it may be a different issue than what we’re talking about.

Our doorbell functions fine, but the app says it’s offline and won’t let you watch video, but will still give us notifications for motion and rings. Also shows video from Rapid Ring app when there’s an alart.

It’s funny that the common denominator in all of this is the date (June 1st). Did they send out an upgrade that possibly caused our doorbells to experience this issue. I did purchase the upgraded package because I bought the alarm system. I made changes to my account in the earlier part of May so I figured the issue was relative to my change in service since I also received an email confirming my basic plan had ended. But after reading the post in this forum, I’m not so sure and will be reaching out to RING again.

I was having exactly the same issue after newly installing my new Pro Doorbell last Friday. It seems it was a network/central issue now solved. See

Same thing happens to mine as well. Rebooted my router and it came back but live view is still hit or miss. Most times just hangs at activating.

Looks like they just went offline again…

Looks like they just went offline again or at least mine is back to showing offline.

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I’m having same issue, motion works but live view is out.

Online shows know issue and resolved but I’m still haven’t issues with mine showing offline for live view

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The issue appears to be unrelated to Ring and most likely an issue with my router. For some reason, my Netgear router was acting “glitchy” and not properly broadcasting my 2.4ghz frequency. I changed the channel, resetted the router, and now am getting a solid signal.

If ya’ll have a similar issue to mine, give this a try.


That’s odd. Ring has identified an issue that caused this and fixed it last night. It was a network wide issue, so either yours is just a coincidence and very unlucky timing or it wasn’t maybe wasn’t your router after all. :slight_smile:

Is this still going on? I just installed a referbished ring pro. It connects and I see it in my router but my app shows offline. As fas as I know I’m not getting any notifications.

Same issue down here. Shows offline but live view and notifications both are working…don’t know what been up.

I’m see the same as the above, both phones receiving alerts etc, no change to the WiFi. Why have RING given no indication as to whats going on?? I even moved to the Pro wish i hadnt now!

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I am getting the same thing since yesterday - the doorbell shows offline in the Ring app (and therefore won’t let me click the “LIVE VIEW” button), but it is still capturing motions. Also, I can trigger a live view by customizing the motion zones. So, the doorbell is definitely not actually offline.

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Like the recent posts, Ring pro is showing offline on the app (multiple phones), but works on the Win 10 Dashboard and site. Glitches are becoming such a issue. WHEN it does work it seems like its taking longer and longer to load. status page shows everything is up, well, just one more thing Ring has wrong. Ring fix this!!!

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Having this issue since ~18:00 Eastern Oct 29. DoorbellPro. It shows offline in the app and in the desktop app. Yet, reacts perfectly to the motion, recorded several videos since then (too much cat activity these days :wink: ). I can ping it. My router shows quite solid connection for last 5 days.

And, yes, as another fellow Canadian mentioned just above - if I go to to the settings to customize the motion zones, I see perfect HD live video! shows no incidents.

The only thing I noticed is that the ping response time fluctuates a lot. Anywhere between 4ms and 100+ ms. Given the signal strength I would not think it is because of the network. It probably indicates that the device is busy with something. Also it seems that the transformer is warmer than usually, which may also indicate excessive power consumption, but this is subjective, I never measured it.

Other Ring devices work fine. Everything, in my opinion, points to the doorbell itself, its software or the specific service that is only used by the doorbells.

I have restarted the APs (I have several) and the doorbell.

And this happened a couple of weeks ago as well, for a couple of hours.

Ring support is quite pathetic.

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This has been happening to us (new home build, hardwired Pro doorbell) the past few days. It was back online for a bit yesterday. Today it was showing offline again but we got motion alerts for a few trick or treaters and if I got a notification and opened the live view from the notification (android phone) it worked but Live View from app still won’t work. Glad I saw other people talking about this before messing with our router or going out in the cold to reset the doorbell.