Solved: New Ring Doorbell 3 Not Detecting Motion

I just installed a new Ring Doorbell, and it is not detecting motion on the right or left, but only in the middle field of view.

Installation- The doorbell is mounted on a flat surface, not the siding of the home, and works off of the battery only which is currently at 89%. The doorbell faces a street, but is 37 feet away from the street. The Doorbell is approximately 4 feet off of the ground. The house sits on a slight hill facing the street & sidewalk, with an elevation rise of approximately 6 feet. The morning sun faces the doorbell until the afternoon, however the issue is constant, regardless of the sun.

My initial installation I did not install the wedge, as the Ring doorbell was detecting motion in the center of the property which is the walkway leading up to the door. I discovered a week later that if I was working in my yard (grass) on either side of the sidewalk Ring did not detect my presence. I installed the wedge to angle the doorbell down, that did help.

Settings, I have motion set for Frequent, all 3 zones are set to on, I have the motion detection zone set out 30 feet, there is no motion schedule set, and the iphone is set up to receive alerts from Ring.

I have stood out in the yard on the left and right at various distance from 30 feet to 10 on the left and right of the doorbell and it does not detect my motion. I check the history and there are no recordings of my motion. If I walk up the sidewalk (dead center of the doorbell) it will detect my motion, alert my iphone and record my movement toward the door.

I would like the doorbell to be able to detect motion in the complete field of view.

Suggestions ?

thanks Rick

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Hey @Rickstir. Thank you for going into detail to describe how your Doorbell is functioning, as well as the way you have your motion settings set up. To get a better visual to ensure there is nothing blocking the line of sight of the Doorbell, do you mind sharing a screenshot of what your Live View looks like?

Hi Chelsea, sorry for the delay in the posting, as requested here is the “selfie” through the RING doorbell.

Thoughts ?


@Rickstir Thank you so much for this image, this really clears it up for me! Based off of your description of the setup, I had a hunch that the Doorbell is too high up off the ground, not due to a fault on your own, since you have installed it 4 feet about the ground below it, but there are lots of steps and elevation higher from 4 feet off the ground due to the location.

Do you by any chance have an additional wedge that you could install for the Doorbell to point more downward? I know you mentioned you had one installed, but if you could try it with 2 or even 3 to see if this helps with the motion detection, please let me know! Once we can get the steps and the yard more in the middle FOV, this should help a lot! :slight_smile:

I have the same issue - nothing blocking the door. I can turn up sensitivity but then I pick up moving cars on the street 35 feet away. I have even had Fedex run up drop off packages and not even be caught on camera, coming or going. Motion alerts are on, wedge or no wedge no difference. I can make it trigger walking out front but have to be really slow and still the alert and video doesn’t show unless I am in frame for more than 5 seconds. really close to returning it to get my money back as its not what I expect for the system to be doing.

Hi @PopeyeIA, I’d be happy to chime in for Chelsea here and take a look at this. Can you please share a screenshot of the Motion Zones for your Doorbell? Additionally, what is your Motion Frequency set at? Once I have a bit more information, I can see what recommendations I can make to optimize the motion detection for you. :slight_smile:

Motion Frequency is set to Standard screenshots attached.

Hi Chelsea, I installed the only wedge that came with the doorbell. Where can I get additional wedges ?

thanks Rick

Hey @PopeyeIA1. Thanks for getting back to Caitlyn, and I can step in for her here. After taking a look at your sensitivity, it looks good to me, but your Live View looks like you’re on a second story if that’s correct? From ground level, how high up is your Doorbell from the ground? In addition, you should definitely change your Motion Frequency to Frequent, as this will ensure no motion events are missed. You can learn more about Motion Frequency in our Help Center Article here.

@Rickstir My apologies! I almost forgot the set only comes with the one. My brain was still on the Monday waves. :joy_cat: You can find an additional kit to purchase here.

Chelsea, thanks for the assistance, this worked.


Same here. Exactly. I Installed the wedge, I changed the sensitivity, but you can still practically dance up to my door to take packages without any alert. I have literally waved into it with no response. I’m also ready for a refund if it can’t be solved.

Hi @EmilyJD13! As long as motion zones and settings are enabled for detection, and the Ring device is online, motion should be captured. Please check your event history in the Ring app to double check for any motion events that might be recorded there, but not notifying.

If you’ve confirmed that there are no motion events, try resetting your Video Doorbell by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. After a successful reset and reconnection, please readjust the motion settings and attempt to detect motion again.

If this concern persists and there is no motion despite trying the above steps, this will require a closer look from our support team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

@Marley_Ring I have the same issue its not picking up any people coming upto my front door or leaving the house I’ve even had the sensitivity on max & still nothing I’ve attached some pics of my settings

Motion is not picked up until person at front door. This happens all the time. I’m not sure what I can do to fix it. It record well when the person walk away.

I just bought the doorbell 3 and it won’t even detect me in front of it I wave my hands everything and nothing happens I’m starting to think this is why they’re sold it at a pretty good deal it’s a worthless camera or should I say doorbell and I have tried everything and this thing does not want to work for Ashley does anybody have any ideas??

As of the last two days my Ring Door 3 Plus hasn’t detected any motion. I can’t figure out why. Any help on this would be grateful. I’ve stood right in front and nothing happens.

I’ve been having the same issue since I put my 3plus up. Not detecting people right in front of it. Tried everything. My doorbell 2020 version never had a problem. Neither are hardwired either. Ridiculous the more expensive one doesn’t work. Gonna return it and get an arlo instead

Hello! I am having the same issue…yesterday and today people have come up to my door and my motion sensors were not activated. My zones are set appropriately, it’s where it should be off the ground, etc. This just started happening.

I have this same issue. This never happened with Video Doorbell 2.