Solved: Controlling external lights

In the Ring all under “Control External Lights” it says if you have a spotlight cam wired with the hardwire adapter kit you can control lights up to 150 Watts. I cant find the hardwire adapter kit mentioned or for sale anywhere. Is this still available ?
Also I assume this could also be used to run an external siren that comes on automatically with the lights (need to ensure wattage is less than 150 Watts).

Hey @Bruce5. My apologizes for being unfamiliar with what you are referencing with this Hardwire Adapter Kit. Do you mind linking this information you’ve found, and I can do some more digging into this for us?

@Bruce5 Thanks for getting back to me! I got together with the right people, and the kit that you’re looking for can be found here, where you can essentially convert your Spotlight Cam Wired to a Mount version for this added feature. You can learn more this feature in our Help Center Article here.

Thankyou for finding this info. However I am currently unable to add this to my cart - it just disappears. But even when I do for other items as soon as I want to visit my cart your website changes to the New Zealand version and the cart becomes empty. Is this available in New Zealand (on the NZ website) ? Also why is the Spotlight Camera Mount not available in NZ.
Would it be possible to fit the wiring connection (with the additional red wire) to the Floodlight Camera so this could run additional lights too ?

Hey @Bruce5. The Spotlight Cam Mount is a device that is only supported and made for our US neighbors at this time, which is why you do not see it available in the NZ. In addition, since the Hardwire Adapter Kit is only for the conversion of the Wired to the Mount and only the Mount is made for the US, this is why you do not have it available in NZ to convert your’s over. My apologizes that I did not realize you were in NZ until now!

For wiring concerns, I recommend contacting a licensed and local electrician to verify if you can do this, is I am unsure and unable to recommend a setup like that at this time.

Re: Controlling external lights

I have a Spotlight Cam Mount, when I go to the CONTROL EXTERNAL LIGHTS option I do NOT have a TOGGLE SWITCH or any way to activate this option.

I have removed and reinstalled the app for the cam serval times and can not get the option to appear.

Any ideas?