Solved: Can you change the outside ring tone on the ring doorbell pro,

It might be worth changing the status of this subject/request from ‘Solved’ to ‘Pending-Ring’ or suchlike, as clearly, it’s not yet solved from the customer viewpoint; as no update has been posted regarding if/when the request will be implemented?

Many Thanks!

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Echoing a few of the other recent posts, can you please mark this as NOT solved? It is misleading to Ring users and I am guessing developers too?

We live on a condensed street and with multiple Ring users you tend to hear someone else’s doorbell thinking it’s your own.


Thank you for sharing your continued interest in this, neighbors! At this time, the default chime tone played through the Video Doorbell speaker upon a button ring cannot be changed. It’s volume can be altered in the Ring app by following these steps:

  • From the Ring app dashboard, open the Menu.
  • Select Devices.
  • Select Doorbell.
  • Select Device Settings, then General Settings.

There you will see a volume adjustment option. This can be used to silence or increase the volume.

As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. If the feature you desire has already been requested there, a Kudo or comment can still go a long way! This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

Hi Marley_Ring.

Thanks for pointing us towards the Feature Request Board, I will certainly take a look, but given that this exact question has been active since 2019, and still does not appear to have been added, I doubt there is much point in logging the feature request.

I have just purchased my first Ring device, I like it, but in my small village street, we have a few Ring doorbells around us. I think I understand one of the problems of letting people use a custom doorbell ring, and that is the support issues that feature would bring.

But I think Ring needs to consider this as an important option and could even be marketed as a fun feature as another member stated. What if you could use a halloween ring, or xmas stana clause laugh at Xmas. There are many possibilities, but a year later and people still asking about this? Oh well, I am probably wasting my time.

Also, a feature roadmap that could be shared on the forums could be a nice vision as to what your customers might be getting. Such an expensive device, should not stop being a product unboxed, rather than a product that evolves. Just my point of view.

Thanks for listening.


This missing feature is especially annoying since Ring are constantly using the tone in their adverts meeaning I (and my two dogs!) regulalarly mistake the tone on the TV for our door!!

A well run company would have sorted this issue months ago!

And how do Ring suggest someone with two doorbellsset them up?

Or are you not supposed to buy two?

This request has been outstanding for a year, can some boffin in RING light a fire under someone’s butt and get it done, sick of waiting! What kind of company is this, HOW HARD CAN IT BE?

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As its a company registered sound ( a bit like a logo etc) I doubt very much they will change this or make it an option as it is the Ring ID. As soon as you here the chime you know its a Ring whether it be on TV in the street etc…its just advertising their brand so they wont change it…its like asking BMW to change their badge

****Please Ring pay attention & fix this issue***
Your customers are demanding that this be a feature.
So annoying having the same tone as everyone else, plus my dogs go completely crazy every time they hear it & not in a good way !!


I thought I would “chime” in on this conversation. I saw a rival doorbell company release a Halloween ringtone for their doorbells, and I thought wow I wonder if Ring has done this. No. You can’t change that horrible ringtone on the doorbell itself.

What are Ring thinking by not having this super-cool feature? (Xmas ringtones, Halloween, even a birthday ringtone for someone’s birthday party). It’s just such an obvious feature that the doorbells should have.

This seems to be a highly sought after feature for many years now and they have done nothing to advance it, from what we can see on the consumer end… lots of promises to pass it up the line, but nothing comes of it… I would think it would be a fairly simply firmware upgrade… but what do I know, it could need a hardware change… which would leave all current customers in the dust… and you’d be forced to upgrade. Here’s to hoping that an firmware upgrade will fix it.

Definitely not “solved” as the ask hasn’t been addressed other than to acknowledge it .

FYI here is the entry I found on the feature request board that had the most votes (I might have missed a “bigger” one) if anyone want to chime in and upvote it:
Ring doorbells -tone changes - Products / Feature Request Board - Ring Community


I thought such a basic feature would be present. I’m going to hold off buying more Ring Pros until the feature is added. I install these for clients.

On top of the feature not being there, it’s pretty shabby to just reply with canned responses rather than post a statement of intentions on this. We still don’t know if it will ever be changed or if it will be changed with a timeframe. Big waste of our time.

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I think a lot of the general population hate the ‘Ring’ sound and it actually does more harm to your brand than good.

Thank God you can mute it.

All we want is a nice doorbell sound. It’s not too much to ask.

Can you open this back up please? this isn’t resolved is it as the feature isn’t possible and needs to be out on the product roadmap. Cheers

@Marley_Ring Where is this feature, already!!? What’s the point of this community if you’re not implementing any of our upvoted suggested features?! Makes me want to jump ship and change doorbells to a company that actually listens to its customers…

Mid Dec 2021, years after the initial post.

Absolutely ridiculous that this feature has not yet been implemented.

Are you paying attention, Ring?

@Marley_Ring is there any update on this? There are loads of separate feature requests for this, but annoyingly they are all sporadic which means you guys aren’t seeing the real demand.

If you type “change outside ring door chime” into Google you get tonnes of articles about how this isn’t a feature and how your competitors have this in place. I’m genuinely looking at those competitors for that reason, pretty silly that I can’t choose a chime on my own doorbell.

Also this would be a very small code change for your Devs and for a lot of popularity gain! :slight_smile:

At this time you cannot change the tone that sounds from your Doorbell’s speaker when the button is pushed. You are, however, able to adjust the volume of this in the Doorbell’s device settings, but there is only one tone.

The volume can be altered in the Ring app by following these steps:

  • From the Ring app dashboard, open the Menu.
  • Select Devices.
  • Select Doorbell.
  • Select Device Settings, then General Settings.

There you will see a volume adjustment option. This can be used to silence or increase the volume. You can vote on the Feature Request post for this here.

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