Solved: Can you change the outside ring tone on the ring doorbell pro,

can you change the outside ring tone on the ring doorbell pro,


Good question @Leeds1959! At this time you cannot change the tone that sounds from your Doorbell’s speaker when the button is pushed. You are, however, able to adjust the volume of this in the Doorbell’s device settings, but there is only one tone.

This sounds like an excellent feature request, in which we’ve seen other neighbors share interest in such a feature as well! Consider this shared with the team. :slight_smile:


I think if you’re going to have a ring tone on the outside, it would be a good option to be able to match it to your chimes inside, for example an Xmas theme or Halloween theme, would set a nice atmosphere to whoever is calling to your home, just a thought!


Will the ability to change outside sound be available anytime soon?


Has this feature been accepted and planned? It would really make the doorbell product versatile.


I´m also interested in the option to change the outside ring tone. Are you working on that option?


WE need this feature for those of us living in condos and townhomes. One ring sounds and four people have to check their doors. I was the first to buy the Ring, now I want to switch to an alternative so I know when it is my door since I put my phone on mute during working hours (email notifications etc. )


Is this feature coming? It really is needed soon and needs to be an app update not hardware update.


Please make this feature available. I Hate the corporate signature tune . It drives me mad so have had to turn it off


I think it’s ridiculous that a doorbell so expensive, with so many features has not got a means of changing the awful doorbell alert .

i dread somebody ringing the front door…it freaks my cats out, and is an awful sound.

This needs to be sorted.


Neoaspro. …I totally agree…it is like audio torture.


Yes I agree. So many people on the street have these things now and it’s a bit frustrating when in the garden and hearing it all day and not knowing if it’s actually yours or not.


Please add the ability to change the tone in the Ring doorbells! Ideally I want it to play the same tone as the Chime V2 inside.


I am also keen to change the outdoor ‘ring’ alert!

Do Ring publish a ‘roadmap’ of planned features and functionality that we can expect?



Ring, have you sorted this out yet? It was first requested months ago and shouldn’t be very difficult to introduce. The sound at the front door is awful. I would like it to be the same as the sound I have chosen on the internal chime.


It might be worth changing the status of this subject/request from ‘Solved’ to ‘Pending-Ring’ or suchlike, as clearly, it’s not yet solved from the customer viewpoint; as no update has been posted regarding if/when the request will be implemented?

Many Thanks!

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Echoing a few of the other recent posts, can you please mark this as NOT solved? It is misleading to Ring users and I am guessing developers too?

We live on a condensed street and with multiple Ring users you tend to hear someone else’s doorbell thinking it’s your own.


Thank you for sharing your continued interest in this, neighbors! At this time, the default chime tone played through the Video Doorbell speaker upon a button ring cannot be changed. It’s volume can be altered in the Ring app by following these steps:

  • From the Ring app dashboard, open the Menu.
  • Select Devices.
  • Select Doorbell.
  • Select Device Settings, then General Settings.

There you will see a volume adjustment option. This can be used to silence or increase the volume.

As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. If the feature you desire has already been requested there, a Kudo or comment can still go a long way! This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

Hi Marley_Ring.

Thanks for pointing us towards the Feature Request Board, I will certainly take a look, but given that this exact question has been active since 2019, and still does not appear to have been added, I doubt there is much point in logging the feature request.

I have just purchased my first Ring device, I like it, but in my small village street, we have a few Ring doorbells around us. I think I understand one of the problems of letting people use a custom doorbell ring, and that is the support issues that feature would bring.

But I think Ring needs to consider this as an important option and could even be marketed as a fun feature as another member stated. What if you could use a halloween ring, or xmas stana clause laugh at Xmas. There are many possibilities, but a year later and people still asking about this? Oh well, I am probably wasting my time.

Also, a feature roadmap that could be shared on the forums could be a nice vision as to what your customers might be getting. Such an expensive device, should not stop being a product unboxed, rather than a product that evolves. Just my point of view.

Thanks for listening.


This missing feature is especially annoying since Ring are constantly using the tone in their adverts meeaning I (and my two dogs!) regulalarly mistake the tone on the TV for our door!!

A well run company would have sorted this issue months ago!