Solutions for license plates

Long story short I have a 240 yard driveway , so anyone that drives up it has a purpose. I had an incident on my property where I was unable to capture the registration of the vehicle, even using screen shots and photo shop changing the contrast. I currently have the floodlight alarm camera from 2019. Are there any upgraded cameras available that will better suit my needs or will I need to look to another system ?

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Hey @Joedel. Our devices can only see up to 30 feet out generally for a clear image quality when the connection to the internet is stable and strong. The Floodlight Cam is one of our highest quality camera devices that can stream in 1080p HD, but it is not designed to read license plate or have this kind of recognition from further than 30 feet out. It may be legible closer up to your camera’s view, but it may be hard to make out if your connection is not strong and stable.

Re: Solutions for license plates

People would be willing to pay more for a security camera that could better capture license plates at a typical distrance from house to street, even in dark lighting. AI might be able to assist with the capture, just like AI helps capture faces on iphones. It could be that the camera feeds a central AI processor (that in turn feeds back the plate number on the camera feed) if that saves the user money and makes it easier to achieve the license plate recognition effect.

Once you sold such a security camera, a StreetCam if you will, then folks could Opt-In to share this street view with anyone who suffers a crime within xxx feet, with motion video available for the 15 minutes before and after the crime. If the criminal parks a vehicle away from the house they target, this would help provide information about the criminal.