Solution needed. What is the range of wireless cameras ? (any extender)


We are looking for a security camera solution for our business.

Item #1

  1. Name: Security camera
  2. Quantity: 25 (24 outdoor, 1 indoor) prefer solar
  3. Video quality: 1080p is enough, nightvision
  4. Camera features: Wire-free, durable (harsh weather condition, 4 season, windy)

What is the temperature range? Here it reaches even -40 degrees celsius to 40 degree celsius in summer.

Item #2

  1. Name: Recorder
  2. Quantity: 1

Item #3

  1. Name: Signal Extender
  2. Quantity: Please specify since we know we need signal extenders for sure. Please find the attached picture for range reference. It needs to at least cover 300-400m for its signal