Solution for front gate directly on path / sidewalk


I am looking for a bell that goes on a gate. The gate faces onto the path / sidewalk.

Therefore anyone walking past the gate might set off the motion sensor.

Is this a problem? I know I can turn the motion sensor off. Can I alter the distance or sensitivity do you know please?

Many thanks…

Hey @decrey. You will most likely need to do a hardwired Doorbell, and the Video Doorbell Elite is the best option in this case. This gives you a POE line to your router so you never have to worry about a poor connection as long as your router is up and working. This also helps make sure that you have consistent power going to the device as well so you don’t have to worry about a battery you need to charge. Lastly, it has advanced motion detection similar to the Doorbell Pro, all in one! :slight_smile: