Solid White Light... won't change

I have a Ring Video Doorbell with battery (not hardwired). My battery died (even though it showed 9% still on the app). Plugged it in to recharge and immediately went to a solid white light. I’ve reset it (held down the button for like 20 seconds). Once I release the button it goes right back to a solid light. Been plugged in for 30 minutes and the battery life still shows 9% — it’s stuck on that for some reason. Help!

Hey @Moondog! I recommend allowing the battery to charge for several hours before attempting to reconnect it. The app may show the old battery percentage until the Doorbell is reconnected and refreshes in the Ring app.

If your device does not automatically reconnect, try completing a setup from scratch. If this does not resolve your concerns, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

Hi, did you manage to fix the issue? I have the same problem and can’t figure out a way to fix it.


Hello–having the same issue. Wondering how yours was resolved?

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Also having the same issue, did you manage to resolve it??

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Same here has anyone resolved the issue?

Replaced defective Ring Pro with Doorbell 3. Waited 6 hours for battery to charge then got stuck at solid white light. Am having horrible user experience or quality control…

Hey neighbors! If you’ve already reset your Doorbell by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds and this concern still persists after, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. They can take a closer look and help diagnose the problem for you. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

I spent an hour and 16 minutes on the phone with tech support (after waiting a full 8 hours for the battery to charge to only green lights). Of course by this time Home Depot (where I bought it was closed). The tech finally said that sicne we couldn’t get it to go into setup mode to exchange it. So, 6am this morning I did, and was online within 15 minutes.

So, I origionally bought a doorbell pro and it died almost every day or every other day. Gave up and returned it for a Doorbell 3 and couldn’t get it to go through setup at all. Based on Ring tech support advice, exchanged it for yet another doorbell 3 and it worked. Seems there’s just some serious quality control issues…

I change my ring device 3 times problem happen on all 3. Ring techs do not help " Reset it an set it up again" ??‍♂️ Has anyone fixed this problem?

So, it’s only been 4 days since I changed out my Doorbell Pro for a Doorbell 3, but I’ve not had a single outage. The doorbell Pro would either go out every day or every other day. I’s literally cut a computer power cord to connect up the transformer because I wanted a plug that I could feed into a Leviton DZPA1-2BW Decora Smart Plug-in Outlet and thus could remotely power cycle the Doorbell Pro - yes, the problem was that bad.

BTW - even when the Doorbell Pro was working, the two-way audio quality wasn’t good. Since putting in the Doorbell 3, the audio is much better.

Did you ever get this resolved or did you need to replace the unit? as I’ve got exactly the same issue you described here