Solid white light on hardwired doorbell

Installed a Video Doorbell Wired this morning and didnt notice any light around the push button.

We now have a solid white light around the push button.

The doorbell is working and when pressed we get the rotating blue light and alerts to the phone.

Is the solid white light around the button normal?

The solid white light is normal.

Here’s a link to the other light patterns in case you were curious:

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Hey, so i too remember the solid white light on. But recently, the white light has disappeared. I rememeber the white light being solid when having 100% battery (unit is wired), and now it shows charging but the white light is no longer. Any reason?

Hi @Adamgarmin. Can you please let us know which model of Ring Doorbell you have? You can find the name of the model on the original packaging or on the Device Health page in the Ring app.

Well, I have a Ring Doorbell 2 and find the white lights annoying and an unnecessary power draw. It’s NOT a feature, it’s a BUG that needs to be fixed.