Solid Blue ring, no doorbell function

I have swapped my doorbell pro out three times trying to fix the problem with my doorbell showing a solid blue ring. When it has a solid blue ring, you cannot push to ring the doorbell but you can still view the doorbell through the app and connect to it. It will fix itself and the blue ring will go away but this solid blue ring shows up multiple times a day and throughout the night.

I am running a Unifi AC Pro and a Unifi AP Beacon on an AT&T fiber 1GB network. I originally had the doorbell connected to the same network as the TVs and other devices. I separate my 2.4Ghz network from my 5G network. I don’t have any connectivity issues with any other device on my network. My RSSI is 55. Transformer Voltage is Good.

To troubleshoot, I have tried the following:
-I have created my own WIFI network (2.4Ghz) just for the doorbell and connected only the doorbell to that network. The blue ring continued to show up.
-I set the doorbell to only connect to the Access Point and not the beacon and I still got the blue ring.
-I have played around with the Unifi settings but have seen no change.

Here are my Unifi settings:
2.4Ghz channel is on 20Mhz width, 5G is on 40Mhz
Transmit power for both channels is set to auto
Channel Optimization is not enabled
Band Steering is not enabled
BSS transmission has been enabled and I disabled it with no change
Fast Roaming is not enabled
DTIM period is set to auto
Minimum rate control is set to auto
PMF is disabled
Group rekey interval is disabled
No filtering is set
Multicast DNS is enabled
IGMP snooping is enabled
DHCP snooping is enabled
Jumbo frames, Flow control are disabled

I cannot find anything online that addresses this issue. Again, this is the third video doorbell Ring has swapped out to “Fix” the issue because when I reset it, it will work fine and later the solid blue ring will appear again.


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Hi @KeithJonesIT. Thanks for this detailed information. As described in this Help Center article here, a blue solid LED light indicates that the speaker is enabled. Have you ever noticed if this is associated with a motion event? Do you have an Amazon Echo linked to this device? Is anyone activating the two-way talk during the times you notice the blue LED light? During an event, you will not be able to press the doorbell button, because the device is already actively engaged.

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