Solid blue light on new doorbell

Any ideas why my new ring doorbell light has a solid blue circle after charging? I tried resetting by the orange button for 20 sec. Light comes back on as soon as the button is released. Beyond frustrated!!!

Hey @Frustrated23452newby. Once fully charged, the light will be a solid blue to show that it is fully charged and ready to go. After a few minutes, this light should go away. When you put the Doorbell up to where you plan to install it, does this blue light ever go away? Do you have it hardwired? What type of Doorbell is this?

I charged the unit all night. Disconnected it from the charge and the light has been on solid for four days. When you press and hold the orange button to reboot the light goes out after 5 seconds. When you release the orange button after 20 secs the light come back on solid.

This is beyond frustrating that this is out of the box this way. Cust service was suppoed to be sending me a new one expidited. I have yet to recieve shipping information. I did however go to you store and order a wedge kit. It will be here tomrrow. How it it that if i purchase something you can get it shipped out quickly but a warranty replacement is who knows where.

Not real happy with the lack of communication regarding this. It began June 4th today is the 9th and NOTHING!!!

@Frustrated23452newby Thank you so much for getting back to me and providing me more details! Since you have not gotten any information on the warranty replacement, I recommend giving our support team a call again to follow up on this. There may be a delay with the shipment and they can clear this up for you. Please let me know what they tell you as a follow up from the call, or if you have any issues getting in contact with them, I’m happy to see if I can follow up for you. :slight_smile:

I spoke to customer servie last night. The shipping ticket was printed on June 7th. However if you go to UPS tracking it says " **Shipment Ready for UPS". ** The person I spoke to last night told me that low inventory has delayed the shipping. This is Crazy.

You sent a defective product, Then the replacement is delayed becasue of depelated inventory. I bet If I wanted to purchase the replacment your company would find one and ship it faster than the replacment one. Amazon has plenty in their inventory.

Better yet, How about you send me a Ring 2nd generation and Wedge kit to replace the defective one and wedge kit being delivered today. That would be customer service unlike the customer service that I have recieved to this point. And please do not blame covid-19. As I said before the wedge Kit I purchased was not delayed due to covid.

@Frustrated23452newby Thank you for updating me with that information! As we are a neighbor to neighbor support forum, I am unable to do something like this for you as we are not a direct line to support. I do completely understand where you are coming from, and I apologize that we are having this delay in the shipping. If you wish to see if you can get the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation instead of the replacement they have planned to ship you, you will need to follow up with our support team on this, as they are the ones who can complete this. If you’re willing, I recommend giving them the call and asking if they can do this for you, but I cannot guarantee that at this time.

In all, I really appreciate your feedback on this situation. This is not ideal and not the experience we want our neighbors to have, so I apologize that that is the way the situation is at this time. I will make sure to pass this feedback onto the appropriate teams to see if there are ways to improve this in the future, but I do recommend that additional follow up with support to see if it’s possible to get that Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen instead.