Solid blue light for a long time

I just installed my new Ring Battery Doorbell Plus last week. It rang my mechanical chime only once that very first day during installation. The chime has not rang since.

Troubleshooting that chime takes forever because it requires that I press the doorbell for each configuration possibility (mechanical, digital, etc…). The problem is, I can’t press the doorbell more than once because the blue light stays on for 5 or 10 minutes.

I know it is not a power issue because (1) the chime rang that very first day and (b) my battery was at 50% during installation but climbed to 100% later that day. Ever since then, it has remained at 100%. So, there is plenty of power.

Hi @Jaja714. When you press the button on your Ring Doorbell, it will record the event, which is why you see the blue light on and cannot ring the bell again. What is the make and model of your chime kit? Also, what is the power rating on your transformer? Feel free to share pictures as well.