Solar to stick up cam

Hi everyone - can someone please advise me how to tell if my stickup cam is getting “juice” from the solar panel?

It seems that it is not working at all, and when exploring the device on the app, it says it’s being powered by battery. Should that say something different if using a solar panel?

I’ve read as much as i could find here - including cleaning the panel, checking connections, and fully charging the battery.

Thanks a lot - sorry if the question is answered somewhere and i missed it.

Hi Stephen, I’m not a Ring professional, just another user but maybe I can help. Technically, even though you are hooked up to solar, your device is running off the battery. The solar unit is keeping the battery charged but the actual source of power to the Ring is the battery. If you’re handy with a multimeter, you might be able to check voltage coming from the solar panel through the power cord - but I don’t have a Ring solar device, so I’m sorry that I can’t advise on that further. Does the app show amount or percent of battery remaining? If so, you should be able to tell if that charge is going up when it’s sunny and down when it’s dark. You might have already tried that, but it’s the only other thing I can think of. Best regards, Dave

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Thanks for the reply, Dave! I don’t have a multi-meter but I’ll certainly heed your suggestion of watching the battery level.

Just an FYI, when the solar panel is connected and working, it’s great at keeping the battery charged. You might consider one! (I just hate having to take it down because I have to use a step ladder and I’m disabled), bring it in and charge it, then put it back - LAZY i guess LOL)