Solar stick up cam not charging

I have 4 solar powered stick up cams that have been online for close to two years. One of them is no longer charging. I unplugged the solar panel, brought the cam indoors and plugged into USB charger for several hours. The camera is still offline and the Device Health says Battery 1%. Is there a way to replace the battery?

Hi @WavMixer! While the Solar Panels will definitely provide a charge, keep in mind this charge can vary depending on factors like number of motions events, duration of live views, signal strength, cold weather, and hours of direct sunlight. Sometimes the battery will still drain depending on the usage, and a charge is required. It sounds like you’ve gotten your device charged up, in which the next best step will be to perform a new setup in the Ring app to see if it will reconnect.

If your Ring device is seemingly unresponsive, try using another outlet, or Micro USB, and ensure the charging indicator is flashing. If no lights are showing after charging for a few hours, please perform a reset on the Cam by holding it’s setup button for 20 seconds. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: