Solar status not connected

Hi Neighbours. I just connected a solar panel to my ring 3 door bell and the solar status still says “not connected” in the app. I’m not expecting it to be charging because it’s raining at the moment, but shouldn’t it at least say “connected”? Or perhaps “connected and not charging”? Surely it should at least know that the panel is there??? Thanks in advance for any help.

Glad you asked, @Valcarparts! The rain/ cloud cover is likely the culprit here. The Solar Panel will indeed supply an effective charge and show as such in the Ring app, but this will depend on variables such as sunlight, usage, and more. The next time you are able to, please ensure your Solar Panel is receiving several hours of direct sunlight, then check your battery level overtime to see if a charge is being applied. The device health section in your Ring app should certain reflect this at that point as well. Feel free to reference our Community post about battery drain for tips on optimizing this usage. :slight_smile:

thankyou for your help