Solar Spotlight Cam (Battery) leaking water during rain storm

Have had a Solar Spotlight Cam installed under an eave for several months, but after installing other Ring devices, moved the Solar Spotlight Cam to surface mount on a fence. After the first rainstorm, the cam started alerting that the battery door was open. Turns out the battery door was closed just fine, but when opened, there was a small amount of water in the device. Anyone else have a problem with water leaking inside of the cam housing?

I uninstalled the camera, removed the water, and allowed the unit to air dry in the sun all day. Tonight, it appears to be working fine, but I am concerned about future leaks. I’ve ordered a “weather shield” to see if that will help prevent future damage. Perhaps Ring should offer such a shield as an option to protect cams from rain/sun damage?

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Thank you for sharing with the Community, @DalTxJim! As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place.

Regarding the weather resistance of our devices, they should certainly be able to withstand normal weather conditions. That being said, any extreme weather or climate conditions, or even direct torrential rain, or water exposure, can certainly have adverse effect on the device. Great call on getting the weather guard, as we’ve seen many neighbors report excellent results with this! :slight_smile:

Where did you order the weather shield? I just discovered my stick up cam was flooded by recent storms. Can’t easily remove cover, so I don’t know how fast it will dry out.