Solar powering siren

Installed solar panel to drive siren. 2 weeks in and notice battery drain. Seems panel is not topping up battery. I have cams with solar and battery…no problems. So swapped battery but still no charging

How can I check that battery is receiving juice ? App for cams shows percentage but siren doesn’t. The fitting from solar panel to siren is not tight as panel connector seems small…or the hole in siren is to big maybe.

How can I test this other than waiting for a battery drain in a few weeks ?

Glad you asked, @sapbloke! As you’ve likely seen, the Ring app will display your power option on your Outdoor Siren page in your Ring app, however, this will not reflect solar. Solar charging events will instead show in your event history.

To access the Outdoor Siren device page:

  • Open the Ring app and log in
  • Tap the Menu (3 lines, top left)
  • Select Devices
  • Choose your Alarm Outdoor Siren

From there you can see the power options, as well as a tile for Event History. The Event History should reflect your solar charge events. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:


I checked the events ut nothing to say it is charging. I do have events saying battery full, then more events saying battery OK. I did have the dusk to dawn enabled and that seems to have run down battery.

There is no sign or indicator to say solar is working. Any ideas ?


Thank you for this update, @sapbloke! The battery event updates showing as OK or Full is the indication you will receive to show a charge is being applied. This should happen daily as long as the Solar Panel is securely connected to the Outdoor Siren and receiving several hours of sunlight daily.

If you are unsure about the charging still, press the Solar connection firmly into the Outdoor Siren adapter to ensure it is fully plugged in, and then wait another day or so to confirm charging is occurring and showing in your event history.

This is all very confusing and not user focused. I have solar on 3 cameras, my doorbell and alarm siren. On the cameras everything is good. In the iOS app you get the sun icon behind the batteries. My siren shows a lightning charging bolt if you access the device from a web browser but not in the app. The doorbell shows “solar not connected” I’ve tried various ways to remove and re- install those devices after talking with support but it makes no difference

Why have ring decided to use event history for the siren?

Are these other issues being worked on for the app?