Solar power with Ring Doorbell 2

I have a Ring Doorbell 2 that I use on the gate of my property. It is not near any power supply, and the doorbell is on a post that faces directly north (no direct sunlight). I seem to get a week or two on a battery charge, but it’s still a pain to have to go change the battery. I’d very much like to use a solar charger, but the one that Ring provides for the Doorbell 2 mounts BEHIND the doorbell itself, which, in my case just won’t work. If I could use a solar PANEL solution, I could easily mount it on OTHER side of the gate post which gets all-day direct sunlight.

I called Ring support, and they basically said “sorry, we don’t have an answer and cannot recommend any product that might work for you.” Ugh.

My question is: is there any solar-powered option that will work for my Doorbell 2 in my circumstance? And yes, I’m asking about 3rd party options here as well.


Hi @CapellaCharlie. We do not have a Solar Panel that will work in the setting you are describing. Our Solar Panel does need to have at least 4 hours of direct sunlight per day to maximize it’s charging capacity. If you have an electrical outlet near by, the Plug-in Adapter would be a great solution!

Thanks for the answer Tom. As I noted in the initial comment, the post is nowhere near an electrical power outlet, nor can I easily run a power line to that location. Even if I wanted to run an extension cord to that location, it would need to be a couple hundred feet long and then lay across the driveway at some point. So, power is just not an option.

I found these two options on Amazon:


Do you recommend trying one of those?

Hi @CapellaCharlie. I wouldn’t recommend anything that is not an official Ring product. 3rd party devices have not been tested with out equipment and their performance cannot be guaranteed.

Hi Tom,

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help much. If Ring doesn’t make and sell a product to fit the need I have, it seems like the least Ring could do would be to have an opinion on 3rd party products that would. I realize you cannot test all 3rd party products, but you could at least understand what products are out there and identify them without a recommendation.

I’m pretty sure Amazon/Ring have “customer obsession” as a fundamental tenet of doing business, and delivering an answer of “sorry, can’t help” is certainly not “customer obsessed.” It’s more like “customer apathetic.”

Anyway, I’m going to buy one of these 3rd party panels and try it out. Beats changing batteries so frequently. And if it doesn’t work, I’ll just return it to Amazon (and the ease of doing that kind of a return IS a great example of Amazon customer obsession.)